Restorative Dentistry Services


If you have missing teeth or teeth that have become loose, dentures are a removable option to restore your smile.  Monarch dentistry provides complete denture services including full and partial dentures, denture repairs and denture implants.

Denture Care

Looking after your dentures and properly cleanings and caring for them is very important. After receiving your dentures, full care instructions will be provided by our dental team. 

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom tooth extraction is a common surgical procedure to remove one or more wisdom teeth. If a wisdom tooth doesn't have room to grow (impacted wisdom tooth), resulting in pain, infection or other dental problems, you'll likely need to have it pulled. Early removal is usually recommended to avoid such issues and to lower the surgical risk.

Bridges and Dental Implants

If you are missing a tooth — or multiple teeth —dental implants are a permanent solution. Dental implants are metal posts that are surgically placed beneath your gums into the jawbone to provide a stable support for artificial teeth. After a few months, when the implants are fused to the surrounding bone, the artificial tooth is then attached, and the missing tooth is restored. Our implant dentists able to provide you with affordable dental implants and implant dentistry solutions.

A fixed bridge is a semi-permanent option for replacing missing teeth if implants are not the right option for you. It is called a “bridge” as it covers a gap, consisting of one or multiple crowns spanning the gap between remaining teeth.

Root Canals

Root canal therapy can save a tooth that has become severely infected or decayed. Inflammation or infection of teeth can have a variety of causes: deep decay, repeated dental procedures on the tooth, or a crack or chip in the tooth. If inflammation or infection is left untreated, it can cause pain or lead to an abscess. Signs that a root canal may be needed include prolonged sensitivity to heat or cold, discoloration of the tooth and swollen or tender gums.

Amalgam Free

At Monarch Dentistry we offer mercury-free amalgam fillings. Amalgam-free alternatives are available for many dental techniques, including fillings and crowns. Best of all, if you need more difficult treatments like a root canal or implants, we will work with you to develop a customized treatment plan that is mercury-free.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Missing teeth will lead to shifting, decay, an uncomfortable bite, and additional tooth loss. Full mouth reconstruction will restore decaying, damaged and missing teeth. The goal of this process is to restore your smile, have your mouth function properly, and leaving you feeling comfortable and complete.

We achieve these goals by taking x-rays, creating diagnostic wax-ups and creating an action plan for the patient’s individual needs which could include crowns, white fillings, dentures or dental implants. We provide comprehensive solutions.