Family Orthodontics


Orthodontics is the treatment of improperly positioned jaws and teeth in the mouth. Teeth that are crooked or do not fit together properly are more difficult to clean and may be prone to decay or gum disease. Improper alignment can also put strain on the teeth and chewing muscles, resulting in headaches and pain in the shoulders or back.

Orthodontic therapy can improve the health of your mouth and make your smile more attractive. Your teeth may also survive significantly longer, resulting in a smile that will look wonderful for the rest of your life.


Need for Orthodontics

You may look at your smile and believe that you need braces or orthodontic treatment, but only a dentist will be able to diagnose your orthodontic issues and determine whether or not you would benefit from orthodontic treatment. X-rays, exams, and models of your teeth may be used to determine how to correct your issues. Some of the things that make patients a good candidate for orthodontic treatment include:


·         Overbite: Front teeth are too far forward

·         Underbite: Lower teeth are too far forward/Upper teeth too far back

·         Open bite: Space between teeth when they come together

·         Crossbite: Upper and lower teeth meet when biting together

·         Spacing: Gaps or spaces exist between teeth

·         Crowding: The dental arch cannot accommodate the teeth in the mouth

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