Cosmetic Dentistry


We at Monarch Dentistry believe that everyone should be able to smile beautifully. Patients who come to us from all around the Greater Toronto Area may take advantage of our extensive selection of aesthetic and cosmetic dental procedures. The cosmetic dentistry operations that we provide are intended to improve the appearance of your smile in a manner that is both natural and aesthetically pleasing. As a result, you will experience an increase in self-assurance and achieve the brilliant grin that you have always envisioned having.

Whether you are interested in veneers to remedy defects, teeth whitening to brighten your smile, or any other cosmetic dentistry procedures to address particular issues, our competent and experienced staff is ready to assist you. We guarantee that the cosmetic dental procedures we provide are customized to meet your individual requirements and goals by using a patient-centered, individualized approach to care.

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We accept Emergency walk-ins

Our Patients are always a priority and we do our best to accommodate those with pain and need to be seen by a Dentist.