Unfortunately, many of us take our teeth for granted. Gum tissue supports our teeth in place while also acting as a barrier against oral germs. Food debris and germs can enter the soft tissue and cause gum disease to develop in the absence of proper gum care. Our highly skilled dentists in your area provide sophisticated conservative and surgical periodontal care.

Signs That You Need Periodontics

Healthy gums appear firm and pink to touch, while unhealthy gums may appear red, swollen, tender, and sore.

·         Red and Swollen Gums – Oral bacteria attack the base of the teeth near the gum line and cause inflammation and irritation of gum tissue.

·         Bleeding Gums – If you notice regular bleeding from the gums, it could be due to advancing gum disease. The continued bleeding may also cause a metallic taste in the mouth.

·         Bad Breath – When bacteria act on trapped food particles, they produce foul-smelling gases and toxins that result in bad breath. Halitosis, or bad breath, is often an indication of gum disease.

·         Loose Teeth – Loose teeth occurs when bacteria attack the surrounding bone and

may indicate advanced gum disease or periodontitis.

Periodontal Disease Treatment at Monarch Dentistry

Once we evaluate your oral cavity, our skilled dentists will determine the most suitable treatment for your needs:

·         Scaling and Root Planing – We will perform a deep cleaning of teeth and gums to eliminate tartar and calculus from below the gum line and between the teeth.

·         Antibiotics – Our skilled dentists may place antibiotic sachets in the gum pockets or prescribe oral medication to clear up the bacterial infection.

·         Gum Surgery – In advanced cases, we may need to perform gum surgery to eliminate the infection.

Untreated periodontal disease can increase the risks of stroke, cardiovascular disease and cause pregnancy complications. To learn more, please book a consultation at Monarch Dentistry for a consultation today.

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