Full Mouth Reconstruction


Missing teeth cause shifting, rotting, an unpleasant bite, and more tooth loss. Full mouth restoration will replace lost, decayed, or damaged teeth. The purpose of this procedure is to restore your smile, ensure appropriate mouth function, and leave you feeling comfortable and complete.

These objectives are met by obtaining x-rays, making diagnostic wax-ups, and developing an action plan for the patient's specific needs, which may include dental crowns, white fillings, dentures, or dental implants. We offer all-inclusive solutions.

If you've ever thought about getting a full smile makeover with full mouth reconstruction from a dentist near you, you'll be relieved to know that Monarch Dentistry can supply every service required in either an accelerated treatment protocol or a segmented treatment plan.


Treatment Plan

Many patients feel that a bright, white smile is the key to a smile makeover, so they schedule a tooth whitening treatment before undergoing additional reconstructive operations such as tooth replacement. By addressing your smile makeover in a methodical manner, our team can create a treatment plan that incorporates operations in the sequence that best meets your current and long-term requirements and goals.

Some of the most frequent full mouth reconstruction procedures include dental crowns and bridges, dental veneers, dental implants, tooth extraction, dental aligners, gum disease therapy, and more - but the key to a successful smile makeover is obtaining the treatments in the correct order.

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