Teeth Whitening


A dazzling, brilliant grin draws attention! It is the most memorable aspect of one's face. Unfortunately, without help, it is difficult to maintain our teeth as white as they once were. The good news is that Monarch Dentistry offers expert tooth whitening. Call our Ontario dentist office now to find out whether dental bleaching is suitable for you! and learn more about Your Teeth Whitening Options.


The Process

Professional teeth bleaching is performed in a dental office. The process will brighten your smile safely and effectively. What’s more, it is one of the most affordable ways to enhance your look. Depending on the whitening system used, the results can be quite dramatic. We offer both in-office dental whitening and take-home kits.

In-office whitening can make your smile 3–8 shades whiter in just one hour. This is much faster than over-the-counter dental whitening products. You can also choose to whiten your teeth on your own. Take-home teeth whitening kits from your dentist are also an effective option. However, it will take longer to achieve the desired level of whiteness. But you will enjoy lasting results. Also, it is important to have a dental exam before starting any whitening process. Your dentist in Ontario will make sure your teeth are healthy. Some types of discoloration are caused by an oral health concern that requires treatment. Call Monarch Dentistry today to schedule an exam and a tooth whitening evaluation.

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