Dental Exams and Cleaning


The Importance of Cleanings

Every dental checkup and professional teeth cleaning session will begin with a member of our dental care team examining your mouth. Early symptoms of cavities, gum disease, and potentially oral cancer are among the things they will be on the watch for. Identifying and treating these diseases in their early stages allows dental experts to treat them with a better success rate and frequently with less expensive treatments than waiting until the disorders have progressed. For example, if gum disease is detected before it develops to periodontal disease, all that may be required to treat the illness is a thorough professional cleaning rather than the oral surgery that would be required if the disease was left untreated.

According to professional dentistry studies, a patient's oral health is intimately related to their bodily health. If you neglect your dental health, the ensuing infections and gum disease may spread to other parts of your body, including your heart, and develop into diseases that might have been easily avoided with good oral hygiene care.

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