Root Canals


Root canals are a crucial surgery in family dentistry. This technique maintains teeth healthy despite the pain. A patient may require root canal therapy for a variety of reasons. Every dentist aspires to steer away of performing root canals unless there is an obvious and pressing need. Root canal therapy retains the tooth in the mouth and reduces the likelihood that it will get infected. In St. Catherine’s, Monarch Dentistry can offer the best root canal treatments.

A root canal is what?

The interior of a tooth is made up of dental pulp. Blood vessels and other types of tissue that maintain the tooth's life are found in the pulp. A root canal involves the dentist entering the tooth and removing the diseased pulp. This must be done immediately since infected pulp can result in a variety of issues, including tumours and other issues. The dentist will place a temporary crown on the tooth after the pulp is removed until a permanent crown is produced. This procedure is quite typical.

What is the purpose of the root canal?

The basic line is that root canals in St Catherine’s are performed when there is a dental issue that results in an infection in the pulp. There are numerous reasons why you could require one. This may be brought on by an unrepaired hole or a filling that has fractured and allowed pieces to enter the tooth. Most of the time, you can tell whether you need a root canal because your tooth will hurt and you will be in a lot of discomfort.

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