Root Canals


Isn't it unfortunate that the root canal has such a bad rep? A root canal is linked to the worst things in the world. It's a pity since a root canal may save a tooth in a variety of ways. Instead of lamenting the root canal, praise it: this operation, while unpleasant, preserves teeth. Patients may require root canal therapy for a variety of reasons. Every dentist's objective is to avoid doing root canals unless there is an obvious and current necessity. Root canal therapy reduces the risk of tooth infection and guarantees that the tooth is saved and kept in the mouth.


What is a Root Canal?

On the inside of a tooth is something called the dental pulp. The pulp is a collection of blood vessels and other tissue that makes the tooth a living entity. The root canal procedure is where the dentist goes into the tooth and removes the infected pulp. It’s important to get this done right away because infected pulp can lead to lots of problems, including abscesses and other issues. When the pulp is cleared out, the dentist will put a temporary crown over the tooth while a permanent crown is made. This procedure is quite routine.


Why Would I Need a Root Canal?

There are many reasons that you would need a root canal, but the bottom line is root canals are used when there is a problem with the tooth that leads to an infection in the pulp. This can be from a cavity that’s untreated or from a filling that’s broken, and particulates have made their way into the tooth. Usually, the onset of when you need a root canal is quite distinct – there will be a lot of pain, and the tooth will be throbbing.

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