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Multiple Locations

Monarch Dentistry has 12 locations across Southern Ontario. For your convenience, we'll transfer files from office to office so you can visit us at any location!

Family Friendly

Our highly-trained staff can provide quality dental care for your entire family! Drop by the Monarch Dentistry nearest you to receive the treatment you need.

Advanced Technology

We utilize state-of-the-art technology in order to provide all of our patients with the best dental experience possible.

Friendly Staff

Our dental team is made up of energetic and experienced professional dentists and hygienists who understand the power of your smile.

Looking for an excellent dentist near you? At Monarch Dentistry, we have a full team of them at Wellington – Hamilton ready to serve all of your dental needs. Monarch Dentistry is a name you can trust. We have several branches across the country, serving many Canadians.

About Us

At Monarch Dentistry in Wellington – Hamilton, we provide almost all of the dental care a person might need. Dr. Laith Al-Dabbagh and Dr. Rawa Al-Jawad are the owners and doctors here who have the required knowledge, skills, and expertise to provide you with an excellent service.

We are open six days a week. Our hours are from 10 am to 7 pm from Monday to Thursday. We’re also open on Friday and Saturday from 10 am but only until 5 pm. Sunday is our day off. If you ever need to book an appointment at a dentist near you in Wellington, we’ll be more than happy to see you.

You can book an appointment through the phone or at our office if you’d like to stop by. Additionally, you can use the form below to schedule an appointment online in a few seconds and after providing some basic information.


We understand that sometimes patients face dental emergencies and are looking for a nearby dentist that they can see immediately. Usually, we leave empty spaces in our schedules to be able to accommodate such emergencies.

If you fell down and knocked out a tooth, give us a call, and we’ll do our best to fit you into our schedule. Even if it’s after hours or we can’t see you on a certain day, we’ll be able to give you some simple first aid instructions and direct you to a place where you can go to receive medical attention.

We have several offices in Ontario, and we try to serve as many patients as possible with the dental care they deserve. Don’t hesitate to call us and find out more about our offices, services, and prices. We’ll gladly give you all the information and help you need without hesitation.

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