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Monarch Dentistry in Mississauga – Erin Mills

Are you looking for a caring dentist in Erin Mills, Mississauga, ON? The dentist near you at Monarch Dentistry is available and ready to take care of all your dental treatment needs. Dentistry is an ever-growing field, and there are lots of procedures and specialties that can assist in your oral health care. At Monarch Dentistry dental clinic in Mississauga – Erin Mills, you have a team that is prepared to perform almost anything you might need when it comes to dentistry. Call today to book your appointment, or fill out our online form now!

Preventive Dentistry

There’s a general principle in medicine and dentistry that it’s always better to prevent a problem than to wait for it to happen then treat it. For example, preventing dental cavities is extremely important to us and is way better than letting them happen then filling them.

Keeping up with your dental check-ups is something we can’t recommend enough at Monarch Dentistry in Mississauga – Erin Mills. During these check-ups, we’ll examine your oral cavity and clean your teeth from any built-up plaque.

We’ll also look for signs of damage. We might be able to detect tiny cavities or gingivitis. Treating these problems early will stop them from progressing and getting worse. Procedures to fix existing damage are important, but keeping your natural teeth in their best shape is vital to us.

Dental sealants are examples of a preventive procedure we might perform. We use composite resin to seal grooves that naturally occur in our teeth. Sealants are mostly recommended for children because they’re more likely to have dental caries. They work by eliminating hiding spots for bacteria making it nearly impossible for them to replicate and cause damage.


Once disease or decay starts to happen, we have no choice but to treat it. Cavities, for example, are treated by fillings. We also offer restorative procedures to replace missing teeth using implants, bridges, or dentures.

Some of these procedures will need a few visits and can’t be completed in a single sitting. That’s why we try to make our offices comfortable and relaxing. The last thing we want is for our patients to hate coming here and to feel anxious throughout their visit. Your comfort is just as important as your dental health.


COVID-19 Update

Important Information Regarding Patient Care at Monarch Dentistry- ALL LOCATIONS ARE OPEN for your dental needs.

Revised November 20,2020

All Monarch Dentistry clinics will remain open for all your dental needs. Please visit our website or call one of our clinics to book your next appointment.

In our ongoing effort to safeguard the health of our entire community during this challenging time, we will be ensuring maximum safety for our patients while following all protocols and public health requirements.

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