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Kids Dentistry in St Catherine

Family dentists can treat patients of all ages, including children, but to be sure your child receives the treatment he or she needs, you might want to look into children's dentistry. In order to keep your kids coming back for appointments as they become older, we attempt to provide them with excellent care while also developing positive relationships with them at Monarch Dentistry in St. Catherine’s.

Infant Teeth

The primary teeth, or "baby" teeth, begin to erupt between the ages of six and twelve. Within six months of gaining their first tooth, or by the age of one, children should visit the kids dentist for the first time. Up to the age of three, the baby teeth will continue to erupt. Twenty primary teeth will be present in total, which will begin to erupt around the age of six and be replaced by permanent teeth.

Optimal Dental Procedures

Until you are certain that your child can brush their teeth without assistance from toothpaste, you should supervise them as they do so. Children should not use fluoride unless their doctor advises them to do so. You should schedule a dental cleaning and examination with your kids dentist every six months. Get a sports guard for your youngster if they participate in sports. For more information regarding kids dental services, visit Monarch Dentistry if you live in St. Catherine’s or the surrounding area.

Looking for low cost and affordable professional local kids dentist and dentistry services near you in St Catherine? Monarch Kids Dental Clinic is your local kids dental office and clinic that offers affordable kids dentistry services. Visit our childern dental office in St Catherine today and book your appointment with our professional kids dentist.

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