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Dental Implants and Bridges in St Catherine

Standard dentures are no longer the only form of implants used in dentistry nowadays. Dentures are necessary because the majority of people don't lose all of their teeth at once. Instead, individuals have sporadic tooth loss that leaves gaps in their mouths. Nobody wants gaps between their teeth because they make it difficult to smile and maintain good oral hygiene. Two of the most popular solutions for a mouth with some gaps are bridges and dental implants, and Monarch Dentistry in St. Catherine’s offers both solutions at our location. These alternatives are designed to fill in your mouth's gaps so perfectly that only a skilled eye will be able to distinguish between them.

Dental Bridges

Bridges function because the teeth adjacent to them support them. As long as there are teeth on either side to support it, you can have a bridge for up to three teeth. The bridges should fit comfortably in the gap between the healthy teeth because they will affix to them. To ensure that the bridge fits properly, the family dentist might need to do a little filing, but this won't cause any harm to the teeth. Bridges can also be demolished quickly.

Dental Implants

Although dental implants are fixed bridges, the teeth next to them do not support them. These implants are sturdy enough to perform the same functions as a natural tooth, although being more expensive than bridges. The fact that dental implants are built to last a very long period makes them fantastic. Even while some may argue that dental implants are too expensive, they actually offer many advantages over other kinds of dental prosthesis. The most significant of these advantages is durability.

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