Night & Athletic Mouth Guards


Night Guards

People have a serious problem with teeth grinding, and the main issue is that grinding teeth erodes the biting surface and wears down the enamel. When this happens, the nerve root might become exposed, resulting in a slew of dental issues. This process is repeated throughout the mouth and may end in tooth loss. Night guards are built to withstand grinding. Your dentist realises that you can't stop grinding, but the night guard protects the surface of your teeth from damage. The best thing is that those who use night guards report having a more peaceful sleep.


Athletic Guards

Athletic mouth guards and night guards serve quite diverse functions, but the objective is the same: to preserve your teeth intact. In terms of function, both act as a barrier between your teeth. The sleep guard, on the other hand, is intended to prevent teeth grinding, and the sports mouthguard is intended to act as a shock absorber. The good news is that a qualified dentist can get you properly fitted for either one. While they require some getting accustomed to at first, they function fantastically.

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