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Root Canal Procedure Explained

Oct 01, 2020

Root canal procedure is an extensive dental procedure that’s vita; in preventing tooth loss. You may be scar of the restorative procedure since it’s invasive, but with advanced technology, you can undergo treatment without discomforts. You require multiple appointments with your endodontist to ensure the procedure turns out to be successful. Through adequate consultation and examination, your dental specialist will determine whether you an ideal candidate for root canal. The therapeutic process repairs ad saves your adversely affected tooth from infection and decay from permanent loss.

The prosthetic treatment is ideal in addressing vital oral health issues. It eliminates microorganisms and bacteria that penetrate into your pulp, and lead to infections and decay. Your endodontist removes infected tissues and performs professional cleaning . Your affected tooth is sealed through restorative processes to ensure your tooth regains its natural functionalities.

What is a Root Canal?

Root canal is an endodontic treatment used to eliminate bacteria from your infected root canal, saving your natural tooth from further damage. Your inflamed or infected pulp tissues are removed and professional dental cleaning is performed. The affected tooth is them filled and sealed to prevent future infection. The treatment is vital in repairing your severely decayed tooth and prevents it from infections.

Mouth trauma, chipped tooth or severe decay cause your pulp tissues to become infected, inflamed or infected. During your therapeutic appointment, your affected pulp is removed; the chamber is disinfected and sealed. If the condition is left untreated, your tooth may be infected by dental abscess leading to further health complications.

When Do You Need to Undergo a Root Canal Procedure?

A root canal is done on your infected or injured pulp, to prevent severe conditions including bone loss and loose teeth. The removal of the infected pulp preserves underlying tissues and restores your dental structure. Some of the compelling reasons that may lead to a root canal procedure include:

  • Severe tooth decay due to cavities
  • Chipped or cracked tooth
  • Multiple dental treatments on the same set of teeth
  • Mouth injury, leading to our interior tooth damage

Some of the symptoms associated with a damaged pulp include chronic pain in your tooth, sensitivity to cold or hot sensation and swelling of your gum tissues. Your endodontic specialist will examine the underlying tooth pain through diagnostic X-rays and determine whether you need root canal treatment.

What a Root Canal Procedure Entails

During your appointment with us, our endodontic specialist will use local anesthesia to numb your tissues surrounding the affected tooth. It ensures your procedure is painless and anxiety-free. Your specialist surgically opens your tooth top and exposes the affected pulp tissues. Specialized tools are used to remove the affected tissues and clean out your canals. During root canal treatment in Ontario, CA, our dental practitioners may use antibiotics to disinfect the chamber, and prevent reinfection. After cleaning, fillings are used to seal your tooth. Crowns are used to provide you with a long-term solution. Fissure sealants can also be applied to ensure your tooth is protected from decay.

After treatment, you may experience pan and irritation on your gums and teeth and your specialist may recommend you to use pain relievers in moderate dosage. Your overall natural tooth functionalities are restored once a crown is placed on your tooth. It is important to regularly visit your hygienist, after root canal treatment to ensure your therapy is progressive. Root canal ensures you retain your natural tooth, and avoids extraction procedure. It’s also vital in serving as an alternative to dental implants if your oral tissues are not healthy enough to support a tooth implant. Crowns are permanent and they can serve you for long if you maintain proper oral hygiene practices.

Benefits of Undergoing a Root Canal Procedure

The root canal treatment is an ideal solution in handling issues related to inflammation or infection of your tooth pulp cavity. Untreated pulp chamber may lead to further infection causing chronic pain and dental abscess underneath your teeth. The therapy maintains your tooth functionalities, restores your aesthetic outlook and protects your teeth from wearing out. Root canal procedure protects your adjacent teeth from possible damage or strain.

At Monarch Dentistry we use specialized techniques to perform root canal procedures, and ensure your teeth are free from infections and decay. If you have irritating pain on your tooth interior, it would be best to undergo root canal treatment in Ontario, CA, and prevent your dental from severe complications.

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