Dentistry For Children

Monarch Dentistry is your local pediatric dentistry and kids dentistry having specifically trained pediatric dental specialists serving in the Greater Toronto Area. At Monarch Dentistry we supply specialized services for infants and children, including:

Baby Dental Care

We offer the wisdom and expertise to parents to maintain their baby’s mouth in optimum oral health.

Paediatric Dental Care

We cover all areas of dental care for children: consultations, regular dental examinations, preventive services (dental sealants, manufacture of athletic mouth guards), routine dental treatment (fillings and infant root canals, extractions), emergency dental treatment, and space maintenance and guidance.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays decrease the quantity of radiation your child is subjected to. After uploading the x-rays to our computer, they also give an enjoyable solution to go over oral attention by means of your son or daughter.

Trauma Management

In the event of injuries that harm the teeth or that the tooth decay is severe, we provide a huge selection of treatment options that enrich the look of your child’s grin and restore complete functionality.