Night Guards

Do you grind your teeth? Bruxism is the term used to describe the grinding and clenching of teeth, frequently for the duration of sleep. As with most troubles that arise for the duration of sleep, bruxism often goes undetected until a spouse or partner hears the grinding at night or harm is detected by seeing your dentist. Night Guards can correct bruxism, improving your overall oral health while you sleep.

Bruxism may be due to several elements which includes strain, a reaction to ache, sleep problems, or teeth which can be misaligned. The trouble is often shown with the intake of caffeine and alcohol. In severe instances grinding and clenching can create dental problems such as chipping, hot and cold sensitivity, damage to dental work and extra serious eventualities.

Signs and symptoms of bruxism consist of:

  • sensitive enamel
  • jaw muscle pain within the morning
  • tooth guidelines that are flattened or dull
  • the sound of grinding at some point of sleep
  • wearing away your enamel shape
  • breakdown of the ligaments that guide your teeth
  • loss of jaw bone
  • soreness in jaw joints or facial muscles
  • anxiety headaches

Bruxism may be treated or reduced via relaxation techniques, alternate in dietary conduct and in greater severe instances constrained through a particularly equipped mouth guard. If you grind or clench your teeth speak on your dentist about doing away with the trouble.

In case you suspect you’re grinding your enamel, we are able to help to verify this.


Try and decide the source of your pressure. Take heed to grinding your teeth at some point of the day. And wear a night time guard while you sleep. We make custom fitted night guards or bruxism appliances to guard your tooth from the sporting forces of grinding. Call our dentist now and find out what the best solution for your teeth is. We welcome patients from all areas!