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Children can receive care from family dentists, but you might want to look into kids dentistry to be sure your child is getting the right care. At kids dental office, Monarch Dentistry in Mississauga, we work hard to give your kids the best care possible while building strong relationships with them so that they keep coming back as they get older.


The primary teeth, commonly referred to as "baby" teeth, start to emerge between the ages of six and twelve. No later than six months after the eruption of their first tooth, or by the age of one, children should make their first trip to the dentist. The baby teeth will continue to erupt until a child is about three years old. Around age 6, primary teeth start to fall out and are replaced by permanent teeth.


Until you are certain that your child can wash their teeth without toothpaste, you should watch over them while they do so. Children's teeth do not benefit from fluoride unless a doctor prescribes it. You should make an appointment with your kids dentist every six months to have your teeth cleaned and checked. Visit kids dental office Monarch Dentistry if you reside in Mississauga and want to ensure that your kids receive high-quality dental care.

Looking for low cost and affordable professional local kids dentist and dentistry services near you in Mississauga? Monarch Kids Dental Clinic is your local kids dental office and clinic that offers affordable kids dentistry services. Visit our children dental office in Mississauga today and book your appointment with our professional kids dentist.

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