Bridges & Implants


Dental Implants and Bridges

Currently, dental implants are employed in procedures other than standard prostheses. Dentures are needed because most people don't lose all of their teeth at once. Intermittent tooth loss leaves gaps in their jaws. Nobody wants missing teeth since they make it harder to smile and maintain good oral hygiene. Both bridges and dental implants, two of the most popular treatments for a mouth with some missing teeth, are provided at Monarch Dentistry in Mississauga. Only a skilled specialist can tell these replacements apart from your natural teeth due to their exceptional blending abilities.


Dental Bridges

Because they are supported by neighbouring teeth, bridges are functional. You can have a bridge for up to three teeth as long as there are teeth on either side to support it. The prosthesis should fit tightly between the healthy teeth because they will be attached to them. To ensure that the bridge fits correctly, your family dentist at Monarch may need to file the teeth slightly, but doing so won't harm them.


Dental Implants

Fixed prostheses like dental implants don't need the support of nearby teeth to function. These implants can serve the same purposes as natural teeth while costing more than bridges. Because they are made to last for many years, implants are great. Although some people might feel that implants are overly expensive, they actually provide advantages that other dental prosthesis do not. Durability is one of these advantages that is most important. For more details about Mississauga dental bridges and dental implants, get in touch with Monarch Dentistry right away.

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