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There are currently other forms of implants used in dentistry besides traditional prostheses. Because most individuals do not lose all of their teeth at once, they require dentures. They lose teeth intermittently, leaving spaces in their jaws. No one desires missing teeth because they make it more difficult to smile and keep the mouth clean. Monarch Dentistry in Mississauga offers both bridges and dental implants, which are two of the most common solutions for a mouth with some missing teeth. These replacements are designed to blend in with your natural teeth so well that only a trained professional can detect the difference.



Bridges function because they are supported by adjacent teeth. As long as there are teeth on either side to support it, you can have a bridge for up to three teeth. The prostheses will be affixed to the healthy teeth and should fit snugly between them. Your family dentist at Monarch may need to do some filing to make the bridge fit properly, but this will not harm the teeth.



Dental implants are fixed prostheses that do not require support from adjacent teeth. Even though these implants are more expensive than bridges, they can perform the same functions as natural teeth. Implants are excellent because they are designed to last for many years. Some individuals may believe the price is too high, but the reality is that implants offer benefits that are not available with other dental prosthetics. The most essential of these benefits is durability. Contact Monarch Dentistry today for more information on dental bridges and implants in Mississauga.

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