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Are you wondering about using braces to straightening your teeth…But need to keep away from metallic braces? Invisalign could be the solution you have been searching for.

These “invisible” braces let you straighten your teeth without traditional metallic brackets and wires. It uses a series of clean, computer generated “aligners” which might be used sequentially over the years till your enamel are straightened. The aligners are clean, mild weight, plastic and easily detachable!

Invisalign can correct many dental issues which includes choppy or sticking out tooth, crooked or overlapping teeth and different conditions. Allow us to recognize what you are inquisitive about improving and our dentist can help you realize if this is the proper option for you.

Our dentist in Burlington offers invisalign treatment to patients. This helps to make teeth straight. Contact us today!

What is Invisalign remedy?

  • A hard and fast of custom-outfitted aligners are made just for you
  • You wear each set of aligners for 2 weeks earlier than switching to the following set in the series
  • Put on 24/7
  • You may remove of your aligners to consume, brush and floss
  • See your smile transform over time