Root Canal


Root canals are an important part of family dentistry and are one of the procedures performed. This technique, despite the fact that it causes discomfort, is essential for preserving healthy teeth. Root canal treatment may be necessary for a patient for a wide variety of different reasons. Root canals are something that every dentist does their best to avoid doing unless there is a clear and pressing necessity for it. Root canal treatment not only protects and maintains the tooth but also lowers the risk of the tooth contracting an infection in the future. Monarch Dentistry in Mississauga is able to execute root canal operations to an exceptionally high standard.


Why do I need to have a root canal procedure done?

Root canals in Mississauga are necessary in cases when an issue with a tooth has caused an infection in the pulp of the tooth. This may be brought on by a cavity that has not been properly healed or by a filling that has broken and allowed foreign particles to enter the tooth. In most cases, you will be in a great deal of pain and your tooth will hurt when you require a root canal. This is how you can determine if you need the procedure.

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