Children's Dentistry


Dentists that practise general dentistry are qualified to treat children, but if you want to be absolutely certain that your kid is receiving the best treatment possible, you should investigate child dentistry. This subspecialty serves children of all ages, from infancy through puberty, and may on occasion include the use of anaesthetic dentistry. At Monarch Dentistry, located in Mississauga on Hurontario, we put forth a lot of effort to provide the very best dental treatment for your children while also establishing solid connections with them. This encourages them to continue coming back even as they become older.


Primary Teeth


Primary teeth, sometimes known as "baby" teeth, are the first set of teeth to erupt in humans, and this process begins between the ages of six and twelve. Children should have their first visit to the paediatric dentist no later than one year of age or no later than six months following the emergence of their first tooth, whichever comes first. Up until the kid is around three years old, the primary (baby) teeth will continue to emerge. Around the age of 6, children often begin to lose their primary teeth, which are eventually replaced by permanent teeth.


A Parents Job


You should keep an eye on your kid as they brush their teeth with water just until you are satisfied that they can do it without the need for toothpaste. Fluoride is only beneficial to the teeth of children when prescribed by a dentist or paediatrician. You need to schedule a visit to the dentist once every six months in order to have your teeth cleaned and examined by the professional. If you live in the Mississauga area and you want to be sure that your children get the best dental treatment possible, you should go to Monarch Dentistry.

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