Digital X-Rays

Safe, accurate, and fast – digital x-rays improve your dental health from check-up to oral surgery

X-rays are vital when you are attending a dental examination. The dentist will use x-rays to assess your dental health and requirements. This will help them determine if any treatments need to take place. X-rays will help detect if there are cavities, loss or change in the bone density or any infections of any sort. The advancements in x-ray technology helps the experience along a great deal.

The advantages of digital x-rays at the dentist’s office

When we take an x-ray of your teeth during your dental check-up or assessment, we now use the latest in digital x-ray technology. Sensors are used instead of photographic film, and those sensors connect directly to our computer system through a USB connection.

There are many advantages for our patients with this technology

The good news is that digital x-rays involve less radiation plus provide better quality images for the dentist that is handling the examination. Digital x-rays use less radiation than traditional types of x-rays. However, we still believe in protecting our patients which is why we continue to use a lead apron and thyroid collar to protect other areas of the body from exposure to radiation.

Faster and more accurate assessments of your oral health

Your dental x-rays are now immediately prepared to view, no waiting to process the environment, and no harsh chemicals to damage the film. If you need your x-rays elsewhere for any reason, they’re easily emailed or transferred.