Bridges & Implants

While indicated, missing tooth should typically get replaced to help regain your potential to bite, prevent other enamel from shifting, and restore your smile. There are 3 essential styles of artificial enamel. Each one is designed for a selected scenario:

Dental implants

A dental implant is made by means of surgically inserting one or greater small metal posts beneath the gum into the jawbone. In a few months, when the implants are fused to the encompassing bone, the artificial tooth or teeth are then attached and the missing tooth or teeth are restored.

A dental implant is made from titanium. It bonds to the jaw, much like the root of a natural tooth and permanently replaces a lost tooth. Dental implants are suitable to anyone in good general health. They are put in place during a simple, short surgical procedure done under implant dentists.

Our Burlington dental office realizes the value that dental implants present for patients. Our implant dentists able to provide you with the affordable dental implants and implant dentistry solutions.

If you are missing a tooth — or multiple teeth — the team at Plains Dental Centre is proud to offer dental implants in Burlington as a permanent solution. Contact Plains Dental Centre today to learn more about our Burlington dental implants and implant dentistry.

Fixed bridge

A fixed bridge replaces one or extra missing tooth. It’s usually referred to as a “bridge” as it covers a gap, and the bridge is supported via teeth or implants on one or each facets of that . The supporting enamel or implants are sometimes called abutments. On this system, every abutment is ready to get hold of complete crowns or caps. While completed, the bridge is cemented into position over the assisting abutments.

Removable denture

A detachable denture is a single appliance that replaces several misplaced enamel. The denture is held in area by means of clasping some of the ultimate enamel — or with the aid of suction where not one of the natural enamel are left.