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Bridge Vs. Implant — Pros and Cons

Feb 01, 2021

Whether you have lost a single tooth or multiple teeth, rest assured implants or dental bridges can replace them to ensure the health of your mouth and teeth don’t impact your overall health. When you don’t care for your dental health correctly, you put your overall health at risk.

With the lack of dental insurance among 74 percent of the population, you likely will be impacted when you have tooth extractions or other infections, causing you to lose your teeth. It can be challenging to determine how to replace a missing tooth, especially when informed, you can either have a dental bridge or a dental implant.

Both options are excellent tooth replacement solutions that help you regain all the abilities you lost with your natural teeth. However, it does not harm you to determine the pros and cons of bridges vs. implants. The knowledge will help you make an informed decision and give you a replacement solution you desire.

What Are the Variances between Bridges and Implants?

A dental bridge has a fake tooth or teeth permanently attached to the teeth on both sides of the blank space in your mouth. The artificial tooth or teeth replace the missing tooth, similar to a bridge over a river. The vacant space is occupied by the fake tooth and is held in place by natural teeth on both sides of the gap called abutments.

Implants are like a false tooth root surgically inserted into the jawbone from where the natural tooth was removed or fell off. Your jawbone and gums integrate with the implant anchoring it in place in approximately three to six months. Your dentist attaches a crown on top of the implant to function precisely like a natural tooth.

Bridges & dental implants in Ontario, CA, are both permanent placements in your mouth. They are not removable, like partials or full dentures. When considering dental bridge vs. implant, your overall health, the health of your jawbone, and the strength of your remaining teeth are determined by Monarch dentistry to understand which option is best for your specific requirements.

The Pros and Cons of Bridges and Implants

Dental Bridges — Pros

Dental bridges are affordable than implants and can replace teeth in the mouth’s anterior and posterior region. Your dentist requires a couple of visits to fabricate the dental bridge. Your abutment teeth are prepared during your first appointment, and impressions are taken for the dental laboratory to fabricate your customized bridge.

Dental Bridges — Cons

Your tooth preparation entails filing them down to remove some enamel for accommodating the crown. It compromises the structure of the adjacent teeth beside the vacant gap. Dental bridges are notorious for trapping food debris and bacteria beneath the fake tooth. Bridges need particular cleaning devices for removing plaque deposits from beneath the tooth to avoid gum disease and halitosis.

Dental Implant — Pros

Dental implants are standalone appliances requiring no support from the adjacent teeth that remain untouched. Implants are inserted into the jawbone from where you lost your teeth. You may need several implants if you have more than one tooth missing. Brushing and flossing are convenient with dental implants because they appear and feel like your natural teeth.

Dental Implants — Cons

Dental implants are significantly expensive than bridges because the costs of the implant are different from the costs of the surgery. The surgery for inserting dental implants requires one visit, but the healing period can extend from 3 to 6 months. Therefore you must prepare yourself for the long haul if you want to have permanent and natural-looking teeth replacements with dental implants.

Many people missing one or several teeth choose to have a combination of implants and bridges or full dentures. These replacement solutions are all beneficial and can cover a complete set of upper or lower teeth.

When considering implants vs. bridges, it helps to discuss your options with Monarch Dentistry for advice. The dental professionals at the facility evaluate your mouth and overall health to determine whether your cause is better served with dental implants or dental bridges. Whether you are offered bridges or implants, rest assured the dental professional has your best interests in mind and takes the decision in consultation with you after considering all factors. Understanding the pros and cons of both options will help you make a better choice when you visit the dentist for teeth replacement solutions.

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