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Kids Dentistry in Brantford

Family dentists can treat children, but you may want to consider kids dentistry for optimal treatment. This speciality treats children from infancy through adolescence, including sedation dentistry. We care for your children at Monarch Dentistry in Brantford and create a connection with them so they keep coming back as they become older.

Watch your child clean their teeth until they can do it alone without toothpaste. Unless prescribed by a doctor, fluoride harms children's teeth. Dentists should clean and inspect your teeth every six months. Sports guards are essential for active kids. Monarch Dentistry in Brantford provides excellent kids dental treatment.

Looking for low cost and affordable professional local kids dentist and dentistry services near you in Brantford? Monarch Kids Dental Clinic is your local kids dental office and clinic that offers affordable kids dentistry services. Visit our childern dental office in Brantford today and book your appointment with our professional kids dentist.

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