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Which Is Better, Tooth Extraction or Root Canal?

Aug 01, 2022

After visiting the dental office near you with a specific tooth causing excruciating pain and sensitivity to hot and cold…

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Which Is Better, Pulling a Tooth or Getting a Crown?

Jul 15, 2022

It is always a challenging decision when you must preserve your natural tooth. Unfortunately, some dental conditions might require you…

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Should I Use Laughing Gas for Wisdom Teeth?

Jul 01, 2022

The Wisdom teeth are your last set of molars emerging between 17 and 25 and are extra teeth located behind…

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Reasons Why Dental Restorations Are Needed for Missing Teeth

Jun 02, 2022

If you have lost a tooth or had it extracted due to injury, decay, or infections from any part of…

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How to Care for Your Night Guards?

Jun 01, 2022

Night guards become indispensable to protecting your teeth from the harmful effects of teeth grinding and jaw clenching because of…

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Invisalign Vs. Braces: Which Is Optimal?

May 02, 2022

Adults seeking treatments to straighten crooked and misaligned teeth prefer the aesthetic appearance of Invisalign. However, many are compelled to…

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After Tooth Extraction How Long Must You Wait before Getting Tooth Replacements?

May 01, 2022

Have you had a tooth extracted because of injury, infection, or any other reason and are hesitant to move around…

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Some Facts about Dental Bridges

Apr 15, 2022

If you have a missing tooth and are looking for replacements, a dental bridge can help replace the gap left…

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Care after Root Canal Treatment

Apr 01, 2022

You visit your dentist with excruciating pain in a specific tooth with lingering sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. The…

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