Athletic Mouthguards

Athletic Mouthguards

Monarch Dentistry provides athletic mouth-wear or mouth guards for athletes of all sports.

Why Make Use Of a Mouth Guard?

In the event the blow is onto the lower jaw, the mouth guard additionally protects your head and brain from concussion. This is an important motive in why boxers put on a mouth guard.

A well constructed mouth guard additionally shields the jaw joints (TMJ) from harm by supporting and cushioning the jaw joints in times of blunt powers to the lower jaw. In harsh blows this may also reduce the risk of jaw break.

Well made mouth guards adapt easily to the top teeth and gums, breathing heavily remaining firmly in place, even when talking or playing sports quite actively. There are several specific design choices, but for the great majority of individuals the smooth upper mouth guard that is customized is the correct pick. Ask us at Monarch Dentistry if you believe you desire another type.

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