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An Overview of IV Sedation in Dentistry

Jun 01, 2021

Do you ever wonder how some intricate dental procedures are performed effortlessly in dentistry? Some dental works like root canals and implant surgeries can be very overwhelming for patients. Dental experts, therefore, must determine different methods that they can employ to improve the comfort levels of patients during such-like dental procedures. This is the reason why IV sedation for tooth extractions, among many other dental treatments, is a reliable method for dentistry.

Before you book an appointment for a dental procedure, consider the role and importance of sedation dentistry. In this way, you will better appreciate the importance of IV sedation for wisdom teeth removal and other dental procedures.

What Is IV Sedation?

It stands for Intravenous sedation. It involves injecting a sedative drug in the body of a patient through the veins in your arm or hand. The sedative medication is administered through a plastic tube that feeds the vein on your arm after the infection. The amount of medication delivered through IV sedation dentistry differs from one patient to another. Ideally, it depends on the dental goals you have. Your dentist will regulate the amount of sedatives going through your body.

IV sedation dental in Ontario, CA is termed as a form of conscious sedation, having that most patients are alert during their procedures. However, the sedative drug can make you feel sleepy, which is why some patients fall asleep after the treatment. Still, when IV sedation is used in Monarch dentistry, it does not cancel out the need for local anesthesia. The anesthesia is necessary for numbing your mouth for a painless procedure. Coupled together, local anesthesia and IV sedation are a perfect combination for performing many dental procedures.

What Are the Benefits of IV Sedation?

Only when undertaking an oral procedure do you really appreciate the importance of sedation. Although there are alternatives to IV sedation in dentistry, here are some advantages of IV sedation:

  1. Quick results – IV sedation is the only form of sedative in dentistry administered through your veins. This ensures that the medication is delivered directly into your bloodstream, yielding fast results. It is why IV sedation is a reliable method for the performance of many dental procedures in emergency dentistry, which is characterized by urgency.
  2. No need to wait before your treatment begins – with other types of sedation, your dentist has to administer the drug about an hour or so before your procedure. This waiting period, however, is not necessary with IV sedation. It only takes a few seconds for the sedative to distribute in your body through the veins.
  3. It is a conscious type of sedation – you do not have to worry about forgetting everything that happened to you in the dentist’s office. For patients with a particular keenness for details, this is an advantage as it allows them to account for everything that happens to them during dental procedures. Still, talk to your dentist about how much you want to remember after your procedure. Since IV sedation can make you sleepy, you may not remember everything about your procedure.
  4. Treats dental anxiety – phobias and unresolved fears about dental procedures can leave you with a lot of dental anxiety. This anxiety can be limiting when it comes to seeking different oral treatments. Thankfully, with IV sedation, you can experience relaxation even through invasive procedures that would otherwise be frightening.
  5. IV sedation can be regulated – even while the dentist continues to work on your mouth, the level of sedation can be regulated on a need basis.

How to Prepare for Your Dental Appointment

If you anticipate the use of IV sedation for your treatment, then the dentist will inform you about the things to prepare for in advance. The most important aspect is to bring someone with you for your procedure. This person will be responsible for you within the first few hours after your treatment. The importance of this is to ensure that you are accounted for, while the sedative wears off in your system. This person you tag along with you will also be your designated driver on your way home. This requirement is only a safety measure that ensures you are safe before, during, and after your dental treatment.

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