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Advantages of Choosing Amalgam-Free Fillings

May 01, 2021

Dental decay is one of the most common dental problems in Monarch dentistry. It affects both children and adults, being the top reason why people lose their natural teeth prematurely. However, when you have a dental cavity, you do not necessarily have to remove your teeth. Instead, you can choose to get other restorative treatments in dentistry that can help repair your damaged teeth and keep them healthy and intact in your oral cavity.

Tooth fillings have been used for the longest time as dental solutions for dental decay to repair and restore teeth. Modern dentistry has allowed there to be a variety of fillings for teeth to choose from, instead of relying on the traditional way of filling diseased teeth.

What Are Amalgam Dental Fillings

They are the most common type of dental fillings used in restorative dentistry to repair and restore damaged teeth. They are commonly referred to as silver dental fillings because they contain silver as the primary material. However, amalgam fillings feature a metal alloy, which contains other types of metal like copper and zinc.

The affordability of silver dental fillings has made them very popular in restorative dentistry for treating dental decay. Besides, these dental fillings are sturdy enough to be used for back teeth like molars and premolars.

What Are Amalgam-Free Fillings?

They are tooth fillings that are free from the metals used to make dental amalgams. Technically, this refers to any kind of dental fillings that can be used to treat teeth without necessarily involving metal or mercury. Such kinds of fillings are called white fillings.

Instead of silver or mercury, white fillings feature composite resin, acrylics, or porcelain material.

What Are the Benefits of Trying Other Types of Dental Fillings?

When it comes to choosing dental fillings, you shouldn’t just consider the cost of getting them. Other than the budget restrictions, you must underline other crucial factors that may affect the success of your treatment. Such include longevity of use, safety, to mention a few. In that case, consider the following advantages of mercury-free dental fillings as impactful facts to weigh in your decision of the type of dental fillings to choose:

  1. No room for allergic reactions – one of the biggest problems with silver feelings is that the material used to make them can react adversely to the patient’s mouth. The reaction is mainly due to the mercury component in the metal alloy. When you get amalgam-free oral fillings, you never have to worry about the allergic reactions that could come about after your procedure.
  2. Versatility – even though silver fillings are the most common types of dental fillings in dentistry, they are not the only ones that are effective for treating defective teeth. In that case, they are a range of options for you to choose from, depending on your preferences.
  3. Cosmetic advantage – the color of silver fillings is not one to be pleased about, with that on the back or front teeth. Essentially, other alternatives like composite resin fillings or ceramic dental fillings have a more aesthetically pleasing result than silver dental fillings. You get to enjoy a natural-looking result after getting amalgam-free fillings in Ontario, CA.
  4. Easy and speedy repair – one of the biggest advantages of the modern way of restoring teeth with mercury-free dental fillings is the swift repair of damaged filling. With usage, any type of filling wears off. When you go to a dentist for repair, you will learn that white fillings take less time and effort to repair than amalgams. The reason is that the materials of the counterpart dental fillings are easier to work with compared to silver fillings.
  5. Sturdiness – white dental fillings are also considered sturdy for repairing teeth. While porcelain dental fillings are sturdier than composite resin fillings, at least you have a mercury-free alternative that can suit your needs without compromising the strength of the filling.
  6. Durability – When it comes to sustaining dental fillings over a long time, how you care for your teeth after your treatment makes a big difference. Some white fillings can last longer than 15 years with proper care, which is not a bad exchange value for amalgams that last about the same period.
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